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After a truck accident in Atlanta, you may wonder what steps you should take to protect your rights, preserve evidence, and prove the facts of what happened. Even if a truck accident in Atlanta doesn’t result in devastating injuries, it’s essential to take the right steps after your accident. 

Seek Medical Attention

If you suffer a medical injury after your truck accident in Atlanta, it’s crucial, first and foremost, to seek medical attention for those injuries. In many situations, injuries may appear minor. However, only a qualified physician can review your injuries and determine what treatment is necessary. Therefore, it’s important not to dismiss any medical injuries after a truck accident in Atlanta. A medical professional may be able to determine if you suffer from internal injuries or other injuries that you may be unaware of due to the accident’s shock. 

Contact the Police

In general, Georgia law requires you to contact the police after an accident. Police report to the scene to collect facts, interview witnesses, and obtain all parties’ names and contact information. Additionally, a police officer evaluates the location of the accident and may be able to determine fault. After a truck accident in Atlanta, the police report serves as an essential piece of information for your attorney. If you decide to file a lawsuit, the police report may aid your attorney in acquiring facts surrounding your accident that you may have forgotten or been too injured at the time to acknowledge. 

Stick to the Facts

After a truck accident in Atlanta, you may be contacted by the police, your insurance company, or the insurance company for the other party involved. In those situations, it’s essential to talk with your attorney before speaking further. Anything you say can, and will, be used against you. Talk to an attorney before providing any statement to an insurance company.

Gather Information at the Scene

If you are able, attempt to gather as much information as possible at the truck accident scene in Atlanta. Collect the names and contact information for parties involved, as well as their insurance provider. Additionally, if you are able, take photos of the scene of the truck accident in Atlanta. Any photographs of the damage to the vehicles are also helpful in maintaining a record of the accident. 

Provide your attorney with the evidence you obtained at the scene after your truck accident in Atlanta to help them build the facts of your case. 

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