Other lawyers refer cases to us because we’re lawyers they can trust. We get referred cases on the defense side and the Plaintiff’s side. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Alex is skilled. Alex obtained one of the highest verdicts in the state in 2018 ($27,000,000+ for a wrongful death) and has recovered millions more for injured folks. On the defense side, Alex has never had a case resolve for more by way of settlement or verdict than his valuation.
  • Alex keeps you informed. When Alex is on the case, you’ll know every twist and turn. We always talk to our clients and referral partners.
  • Alex pays referral fees. It’s only fair that the referring lawyer receive a good referral fee. The referring lawyer is ethically able to receive a % of the attorney’s fees. The referring lawyer is our partner on the case.

Why should a lawyer refer a personal injury case to Alex?

Alex is a lawyers’ lawyer. A majority of his cases have come from referrals from other lawyers. Lawyers speak highly of him. And, he’s an all-around nice guy and decently funny. 

  • Josh Wood, Partner at Weinberg Wheeler: My firm has had the unique experience of working as co-counsel with [Alex’s former firm] Carr & Weatherby and have also been on opposite sides at times. They are a tremendous set of lawyers and regarded as some of the best in the business. I strongly recommend this firm.
  • Richard Scott, Partner at Scott, Scott & Scott: As a practicing lawyer, I feel it is an honor to refer cases to this firm. They are extremely talented and well-respected lawyers in the legal community. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of quality legal representation.
  • Zach Eyster, Attorney at Founders Legal: Aside from his legal expertise, which is beyond question, Alex is an outstanding person.  He would be my first call if I got hurt and needed a lawyer, and he is the first recommendation I make to anyone needing this service.  I would entrust him with the care of any family members or loved ones’ legal matters without hesitation. The only lawyers you should ever hire are the ones who would defend your interests with as much effort and care as they would defend their own.  Alex is that kind of lawyer.

How much should a referral fee be in a plaintiff personal injury case?

This depends on the case. The primary factors are (a) the risks; (b) the expenses; and (c) the time. The more straightforward the case, the quicker the resolution, and the lower the risks, then a higher referral fee is possible. In general, referral fees range from 20%-50% of the attorney’s fee. So, if the case settles for $1,000,000 after litigation, the attorney’s fee is $400,000, and the referring attorney gets 20%-50% of that amount depending on the arrangement.

We’ll decide together on the referral fee before our firm takes on the case. If we can’t come to terms on a fee, then you are free to take the client to another firm. We will never commandeer your client from you. Period.

If I refer a defense case to you, will you take the client?

No. We have a strict no “sticky fingers” policy. If you refer a defense case to us, we’ll not take another case from that client absent your prior approval!

Who can refer a case?

Any attorney can refer a personal injury case to us and receive a referral fee. It does not matter if you are a divorce lawyer, comp. lawyer, corporate lawyer, or criminal lawyer. As long as you are an attorney, then you can share in the fee. 

Rule. 1.5(e) discusses this. As it states:

A division of a fee between lawyers who are not in the same firm may be made only if: 

  1. the division is in proportion to the services performed by each lawyer or, by written agreement with the client, each lawyer assumes joint responsibility for the representation;
  2. the client is advised of the share that each lawyer is to receive and does not object to the participation of all the lawyers involved; and
  3. the total fee is reasonable.

We always make sure the client is 100% informed and agreeable to the fee split. As a practical matter, the referring attorney does not have to be actively involved in litigation of the case.

What does a referring lawyer have to do in a personal injury case?

A referring lawyer usually receives a call from a friend, family member, or client who has a personal injury case. The referring attorney does not practice personal injury and calls us for help. We agree to a fee split. The referring attorney makes an introduction to the potential client, and we take it from there. We will keep you and the client fully informed, while we litigate the case and get maximum compensation.