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A Georgia truck accident attorney is different than a Georgia car accident attorney. The differences present themselves in a number of ways.

  1. Experience: A good Atlanta truck accident lawyer has experience in lawsuits with trucking companies. For example, our firm has been involved in hundreds of tractor-trailer crash cases. We have handled cases from pre-suit, through trial, and appeal. This experience is key because the rules governing truck accidents are different.
  1. Rules: A different set of rules applies to a Georgia truck accident. The Federal Government heavily regulates the commercial vehicles, including bus, dump truck, garbage truck, deliver trucks. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (“FMCSA”) is a federal organization that sets the standards for big trucks. The regulations are huge and take a lot of time to understand. That’s one reason having an experienced Georgia truck accident attorney is important.
  1. Evidence: Because the regulations are different, the evidence that is potentially important is different. For example, a truck driver has driver logs that he is generally required to fill out each day. These logs may tell you how long the driver has been working to be sure that he is complying with the rules. The truck itself also has a lot requirements, like how many millimeters, the brakes are allowed to move when applied.
  1. Claims: The potential claims that a person injured in a tractor-trailer wreck in Atlanta has is different. For example, while in most cases the injured party cannot sue the defendant’s insurance company directly, the injured party can in a truck accident. Knowing this and other potential claims can significantly affect the value of the case.
  1. Defenses: There are also unique defenses in a truck wreck case. For instance, the truck driver may use expert testimony from an engineer or a former police officer. These experts can review the evidence at a scene and determine which party was at fault. These experts can also look at the truck and trailer to determine if it complied with the regulations.

The attorneys in our firm specialize in tractor trailer accidents, and routinely represent tractor trailer companies and injured parties. We have the experience. We know the rules. We have the experts. We provide free consultations.

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