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We think our clients are benefited by our experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants. While there are many good attorneys who focus solely on representing plaintiffs or defendants, we choose to practice on both sides of the aisle and we think our clients are better for it. We think it helps our clients in a few ways.

  • Our experience gives our client’s insight. We regularly work with adjusters on reviewing cases, so we know what will cause an adjuster to increase their “reserve” (also known as the “value” that they place on a case.). We also regularly try cases on the plaintiffs and defense sides, so we know how juries are seeing cases and what plaintiffs and defendants care about.
  • Our experience gives our client’s credibility. When we are working on cases, our experience on both sides of the aisle gives us credibility with the parties and their counsel. We can sit across from a plaintiff and tell them that we understand, from our experience, what they’re going through. We can tell an adjuster about cases we’ve defended and how they turned out. We can relate to the opposing attorney through shared experiences representing plaintiffs and defendants. It helps, and it gives us a unique credibility with all parties and clients.
  • Our experience gives our client’s perspective. Law is filed with arguments from different angles. Even when the facts are seemingly perfect for your case, the other side will make arguments to weaken your position. You can see how different sides can view the law by looking at the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court regularly divides 5-4 with each side arguing strongly that they are “right.” By regularly dealing with issues from the plaintiff and defense perspective, we are able to quickly see all the issues that may be raised, prepare for battle, and make the strongest argument for you.

Our goal is to represent reputable folks dealing with Georgia truck accidents, fatal accidents, catastrophic injury, and class actions. While there are certainly more than one way to practice law and do it effectively, we are proud of the way we’ve chosen to be lawyers: fighting for clients with dignity, efficiency, and strength.  We’ve recovered over $1 billion for our plaintiffs, and we’ve defended some of the top companies in the world. All our clients benefit from our experience.

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