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If you were involved in a car crash with injuries, you are going to want the best accident attorney in Atlanta. There is no “best accident attorney” but there is a difference in those who know what they are doing and those who don’t. 

As you may have noticed, thousands of local lawyers represent clients in personal injury claims. How do you determine which legal professional is the right one to handle your case?

To narrow down your options and make it easier to find the best car accident lawyer in Georgia, try the following strategies.

Ask Other Atlanta Attorneys

If you have worked with a local lawyer on another legal matter—perhaps in developing an estate plan or resolving a real estate dispute—ask them for a recommendation. Legal professionals often know of Atlanta law firms with other areas of specialization, and they may be able to point you toward the right accident attorney to take on your claim.

Contact the Local Bar Association

For a list of qualified local lawyers who specialize in personal injury claims, you can contact the Atlanta Bar Association or the Georgia State Bar. These organizations have high standards, so you’ll receive only the names of legal professionals who have the skills and experience to obtain fair compensation in car accident claims.

Seek Out Recommendations

When you’re looking for the best accident attorney in Atlanta, try making a few phone calls. One of your friends, family members, or colleagues may have hired a car accident lawyer before, and they may be able to suggest a qualified local legal professional to assist with your personal injury claim.

Consider Attorney Expertise

Once you have the names of several local lawyers, take the time to check their credentials and case results. The best car accident lawyers in Georgia have websites containing details on their educational background, experience, and professional reputation, and you can use this information to narrow down your choices.

Schedule Attorney Consultations

Many Georgia personal injury firms offer free initial consultations, and you should schedule a meeting with each of the attorneys you’re considering. Treat the consultation like a job interview. Ask questions about your case and the lawyer’s approach to car accident claims. This will help you decide if they’re the best legal professional to hire for your case.

Choose the Right Accident Attorney

After you have had a chance to consult with each of the local car accident lawyers on your list, think about how the appointments went. Were you comfortable with the attorney? Did they answer your questions? Do they have a plan to prove your case and help you obtain the maximum in compensation?

The decision of which is the best accident attorney in Atlanta to hire is yours to make, and you’ll need to think it over carefully. You want a skilled legal professional who will fight to protect your rights—a lawyer who will put your needs first. That’s what you’ll find with Weatherby Law Firm, P.C. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our Atlanta personal injury lawyers today.

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Alex Weatherby

Alex Weatherby graduated from Samford University, in Birmingham AL, and majored in Communication Studies. He focused on public speaking and critical writing, skills he still uses as a trial lawyer. Alex is a seventh-generation Georgia and an Atlanta native, so he knew he wanted to come back home. Alex went to the University of Georgia School of Law. At Georgia Law School, Alex was a member of the mock trial board which helps law students with trial advocacy.

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