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Class action lawsuits provide opportunities for harm suffered by multiple people to be corrected in a single lawsuit. These lawsuits may involve consumer fraud, defective products, or employment grievances. If you believe you have a valid class action lawsuit, contact the experienced team at Weatherby Law Firm to review your case.

What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action is a lawsuit consisting of one or more people representing the interests of a larger group sharing the same harm. This larger group is referred to as the “class.” Class action lawsuits promote resolution of legal issues where bringing individual cases is not economically possible. Class action lawsuits are designed to advance public policy goals by enabling individuals to receive a remedy for harm suffered at the hands of large companies. 

Bringing a successful class action lawsuits requires the following:

  • Commonality—the harm suffered is common to all members of the class; 
  • Typicality— common set of facts is shared among the class;
  • Adequacy—the class representative adequately represents the interests of the entire class; and
  • Numerosity—The number of individuals affected is too numerous to bring individual lawsuits. 

A class action must be the most efficient way to bring resolution to the harm. If a judge determines that the proposed class meets these requirements, the judge certifies the class and gives the lawsuit class action status. If a class fails certification, the class action lawsuit is dropped. 

How To Hire the Right Attorney for Your Class Action Lawsuit 

A class action requires a specific type of attorney with experience in class action lawsuits. If you believe you have grounds to bring a class action lawsuit, discuss the facts of the case with a qualified class action attorney. A class action attorney can analyze the pros and cons of your potential class action lawsuit and determine whether a viable case exists. 


Due to the complex nature of class action lawsuits, hire an attorney with extensive experience litigating class action lawsuits. Prioritizing litigation experience ensures the ability of your attorney to effectively represent the class and negotiate for positive results. 

Results Obtained 

Many class action lawsuits settle before trial. Upon settlement, a fund is established to distribute settlement proceeds to all members of the class. When deciding upon the right class action attorney, research whether the firm has obtained successful results in past class action lawsuits.  

Client Focus 

Ensure that your class action lawsuit receives the focused attention of your attorney. You don’t want to hire a firm unable to properly tend to your needs because the firm is overloaded with cases. 

Contact Our Atlanta Class Action Lawyers Today 

Do you believe you have grounds to bring a class action lawsuit? At Weatherby Law Firm, P.C., we make lives better for folks in the fields of catastrophic injury, truck accidents, class actions, and professional malpractice. We represent both injured folks and reputable businesses. Because of our experience, we know how to help you. We’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you today. Contact us now.

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