What should I do after a pedestrian accident?

Here is a quick list:

  1. Check on folks at the scene
  2. Call police
  3. Take pictures
  4. Get witness contact information
  5. Get checked out at a doctor
  6. Call your insurer
  7. Contact a Georgia pedestrian accident attorney

Are there any special rules for pedestrian accidents in Atlanta?

There are a number of specific rules about pedestrians and vehicles. We have written about them here.

Why do pedestrian accidents happen?

It depends, but some common causes are alcohol, speeds, congestion, and type of street.

How much is a pedestrian accident worth?

There is no magic formula. The amount of compensation, if any, a person receives will depend on who is at fault and the damages caused.

How do you file a pedestrian accident claim?

You can file a claim with the other person’s insurance carrier and your own insurance carrier. If you are not able to resolve the case for a reasonable amount, you can file suit. Filing suit should be done with an experienced Atlanta pedestrian accident attorney.