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There are many good lawyers in Georgia that specialize in wrongful death accidents. There are also quite a few who pretend to be accomplished wrongful death accident attorneys. Knowing which ones are legitimate can be very challenging. While there is no “best” attorney in Georgia, there is a big difference in a law firm who has experience trying, winning, and resolving fatal accidents in Georgia and those who do not.

Here are a few tips when trying to find the best wrongful death accident attorney in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Past Cases: Past experience is often the best indicator of future performance. See if your attorney has any published cases on their website, on a Verdict Search tool, or in a newspaper like the Fulton Daily Report. For example, when we won a verdict in excess of $27,000,000, it was reported on verdict search sites as well as local newspapers.
  • Client Experiences: Prior client reviews can provide valuable insight. These days, many law firms have reviews on Google and other places showing past client experiences. These reviews will likely tell you how responsive your attorney will be, how quick they’ll get the case resolved, and how driven they are to help you.
  • Other Attorneys: A good source for finding a Georgia wrongful death lawyer is other attorneys. Even if you find your attorney on the internet, ask them for the name of a few lawyers who will vouch for his abilities.
  • Initial Case Consultation: Most firms will offer you a free initial case consultation. During this consultation, use your investigative skills to interview your lawyer. Ask them if they have ever tried a case? What’s the largest recovery they have ever made? How quickly will they get back to you? What will their case strategy be? Trust your gut on whether or not the attorney sounds like a good match for you.
  • Beware of Fake Awards: Many awards that attorneys receive are bought and paid for. There are only a few like Super Lawyers, US News & World Report, Attorneys to Watch, which provide awards without receiving money from the attorneys promoted. This is not an exhaustive list of all the awards that an attorney can receive without paying money—It’s just an example list of some that do not require fees to receive.

There are many different types of fatal accident cases, including fatal truck wrecks, fatal boating accidents, fatal bike accidents, fatal scooter accidents, fatal malpractice accidents. That is why it is important to hire an experienced Georgia wrongful death accident lawyer.

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