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After the loss of a loved one, the last thing a family wants to do is speak with a lawyer. This is especially true when the death occurred due to a traumatic event like an accident with a tractor-trailer, bus, dump truck, scooter or something else. Unfortunately, when there has been a fatal wreck, it is important for the family to hire a lawyer as soon as possible for several reasons.

First, in Georgia, until a preservation request has been sent, there is generally no requirement to preserve evidence. This means that information helpful to your case could be deleted unless an attorney sends a formal letter. For example, after an Atlanta tractor trailer accident, there may be nearby businesses that have video. This video may be deleted within a matter of days if the businesses are not aware that someone needs it. One of our first steps as attorneys is to send a “preservation letter” that describes the types of documents that must be held in case we need them in the future.

Second, often after a serious accident, insurance representatives will come calling—sometimes within a matter of days. They will often be seeking information concerning the death accident, any potential claim, the state of the family, and more. They may ask family members to sign documents. An experienced Atlanta wrongful death lawyer can help you navigate these issues.

Third, it provides peace of mind. The Atlanta, Georgia wrongful death accident lawyer can take some things off your plate. By speaking with police officers, the opposing party, the insurance companies, the doctors, the probate court, and others, the attorney can help you focus on what is most important: being with your family.

Our firm specializes in wrongful death accidents in Atlanta. We are driven to improve the lives of family members who have lost loved ones, with honor, efficiency and effectiveness.  We would be glad to provide you with a free consultation.

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