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When you are in a tractor trailer accident, finding the best Georgia tractor trailer accident attorney is important. But, what is the “best”? The truth is: there is no “best” attorney. There are, however, attorneys who know the ins and outs of Georgia tractor trailer accidents and those who do not. It can be difficult for a potential client to know the difference.

Here are a few tips when hiring a tractor trailer accident attorney:

  1. Experience: Because truck accidents are different, an attorney needs to have experience as truck accident lawyers. In our firm, for example, we have handled many truck accident cases. We have defended large trucking companies. We have prosecuted cases against trucking companies. As a result, we know how to handle your truck accident case and put you in the best possible position. Any attorney you hire should have extensive real life experience in truck accident cases.
  1. Knowledge: There are unique standards that apply to truck accidents. Because of that, a dedicated Atlanta truck accident attorney will often publish material to educate the public on truck accidents. For example, we have multiple blog posts dedicated to helping the public understand Atlanta truck accidents. Information like this shows that the attorney knows the unique standards that apply.
  1. Initial Consultation: Many truck accident lawyers offer free consultations. During this consultation, you should evaluate the lawyer too! Ask your lawyer specific questions about their experience in truck accidents. Discuss with the lawyer how many truck accident cases they have handled? The results in those cases?
  1. Reviews: Good attorneys generally receive good reviews. That is why we pride ourselves on the reviews we have obtained from other attorneys and former clients. Checking Google reviews can be a great source of information for how quickly your attorney will handle your truck accident case.

Truck accident cases are often serious. That is why it is important to hire an experienced Georgia truck accident attorney. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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