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If you have been in an accident that results in a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), you understand just how serious this injury is. Put lightly, the immediate effects of a severe TBI can be scary, painful, and emotionally distressing.

The short-term effects are often visible and readily identifiable. However, the long-term effects of a severe TBI vary wildly, can be harder to identify, and may not appear linked to the injury at first. Therefore, it’s important that you know what to look out for in yourself or your family member in the future.

Physical Effects

The long-term physical effects of a severe TBI are often similar to the short-term effects. Blurred vision, headaches or migraines, and dizziness are not uncommon for people with severe TBI.

In addition, people who have suffered a severe TBI may report a recurring feeling of tiredness. Others have had seizures. These physical effects, while painful, are easy to see compared to other long-term effects.

Cognitive Effects

Cognitive impairment can be a long-term effect of severe TBI. Short and long-term memory loss may occur. This can leave a person confused about who their friends and family are or even where they live. Some cannot read at the level they once were able to, and others maylose this ability entirely. 

TBI may also affect problem-solving abilities. Some people may be unable to complete the everyday tasks that once were able to, leaving them unable to button their shirt or tie their shoes. The cognitive effects of a severe TBI can be profound in the long term and often permanently alter one’s life in a fundamental way.

Social and Emotional Effects

Severe TBI can also have long-term social and emotional effects. Mood swings are not uncommon in people who have suffered a severe TBI. Depending on other factors, it may affect a person’s ability to work.

The strain of all of the physical and cognitive symptoms can profoundly impact an individual’s psyche. This can result in mental distress like depression and anxiety. Further, a severe TBI can disrupt or damage an individual’s relationships with folks, from their parents to close friends. 

The long-term social and emotional costs of a severe TBI may be serious. You may not initially think of these effects as being linked to the TBI.

Synergy of Effects

The combination of all or some of these effects often has a way of synergizing and increasing the total impact of the TBI in the long term. For example, an injured person may be unable to work due to a loss of movement ability. The loss of their ability to work may then have the effect on their relationships and their mental health.

Severe TBIs, though serious, are rare.

Fortunately, severe traumatic brain injuries are rare. In the vast majority of accidents, even those involving head trauma, the body repairs itself remarkably well and long term effects will not result. Only a well qualified physician can advise you on the potential effects of the brain injury in your case. It is important to get a qualified doctor and attorney to review any case that has allegations of a TBI.

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