Hit While Crossing the Street in Atlanta—Next Steps

Hit While Crossing the Street in Atlanta—Next Steps 750 500 Alex

Atlanta is a busy city, with many crosswalks, sidewalks, pedestrians and cars. Unfortunately, vehicle-pedestrian accidents happen in Georgia, like they do in every state. When a pedestrian and a vehicle are involved in a collision, the incident can be due to the negligence of the driver, the walker, or both. Therefore, it is important to know what steps to take if you’re hit by a car while walking or jogging, or if you’re the driver. If you’re involved in a pedestrian accident, it will be helpful to understand what potential compensation there is for any resulting injuries and losses.

Hit by a Car in Atlanta?

Due to the nature of an auto versus pedestrian accident, a pedestrian may suffer serious injuries depending on the type of vehicle, speed, and location of impact. Sometimes, fortunately, a pedestrian is not injured after impact with a vehicle. But, often, they are.

The first steps to take after a pedestrian accident is: check on everyone at the scene and call 911. This will report the incident to the police and get medical attention if someone needs it.

Once you’ve notified the authorities and made sure everyone is OK, the next steps are to take pictures of the accident scene and get any witness’ contact information. While the police officer may do this as well, it is best to make sure that you have as much information as possible.

Because of the seriousness typically involved in vehicle-pedestrian accidents, it is also important to contact an Atlanta pedestrian accident attorney.

Determining Liability for Pedestrian Accidents

Both drivers and pedestrians have a duty to act reasonably and obey traffic laws. For drivers, the general standard is that a driver must act as a reasonable driver would under the same or similar circumstance. For a pedestrian, they have a duty to act as a reasonable pedestrian would under the same or similar circumstance as well. A pedestrian cannot walk blindly into traffic, for example. 

The question is whether the driver or the pedestrian is “negligent.” It can be a fact intensive inquiry that needs an experienced attorney.

Georgia Comparative Negligence Law

In Georgia, a pedestrian can only recover for their injuries if they are less than 50% at fault. If the pedestrian is less than 50% at fault, then the amount awarded is “reduced by” the percentage at fault. So, for example, if you’re 25% at fault for a pedestrian-vehicle accident with damages totalling $100,000, the compensation you receive would be reduced by 25% or $25,000.

Consult with an Experienced Atlanta Pedestrian Accident Attorney

At Weatherby Law Firm, we frequently work with plaintiffs and defendants of vehicle-pedestrian accidents. Our decades of experience and commitment to our clients drive us to achieve exceptional case results, and you can count on our law firm to make every effort on your case. Contact Weatherby Law Firm to schedule a free consultation with one of Georgia’s top pedestrian accident attorneys today.

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